Before buying Indoor Pots & plants

Before buying indoor Pots & plants, Thrissur

. Yes, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider reading before buying indoor pots & plants. We have kept it simple for you to read. Let’s dive straight into it, point number one: The place you are going to place the pots are the major factor before anything else.

Pets and children – if you are choosing a ceramic pots collection then keep your pets away! also your playful children. Ceramics are easy to break just like the heart of a small child.

Sunlight access – All plants are not entirely indoor, some of them semi indoor which means they need little access to the sunlight but not direct sunlight.

Humidity level – Some plants need dry air and some cant tolerate it. We are soon publishing blogs and videos on each plant please keep in touch.

Drainage system – The pot should have a good drainage system else stagnant water will make the soil over watery and cause the plants to damage.

Size of the plant – If you are buying a large indoor plant then make sure the pot has a minimum radius and height to grow.

Lightweight planter – if you move your pots around your house often then always find a lightweight pot.

The material of the pot – Porous pots allow moisture and breathe so that the plant is kept healthy. Pots dry out the potting mix in a sunny climate.

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Indoor pots & plants

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