Welcome gardener, you have come to the right place. Indoor pots and plants for your home decor. Kenzine garden center has the best and unique pots in the market. Molding the earth into art which we can own like a possession. We provide the best ceramic pots collection in Thrissur, Kerala. Plastic pots, polymer pots and, garden accessories which include watering cans, sprayers, fertilizers, ECA mixture(clay pebbles) and, pot mixture.

Plant wisely

Yes, we care about your plants and pots as much as you do, make sure to follow our social media pages to get the latest tips and tricks for indoor plants and pots.

We Wholesale

Kenzine Garden has customers across Kerala, and still going strong with our wholesale business.

Self-watering pots

Indoor Plants need less attention than before, the self-watering system helps in ideal plant growth. So that you can keep calm and garden.

Kenzine Garden Centre

We have been on business since 2015.

Here in Kenzine Garden Centre, We love plants as well as pots, so we have built a shop that lets you get premium-quality products for your friends.

Our Values

Customer commitment: We develop relationships that make a positive impact on our customers. We value our people and, reward their performance. Once a customer came here appreciating the quality of the indoor pots and customer service, as a result, we were motivated and understood that we need to do more.

Kenzine implements continuous learning methods like understanding what the customer needs so that we provide just what is enough. To learn the market is our daily routine.



Feel the earth, Embrace this earth, touch the grace.


A polymer pot is made by useful chemical made of many repeating units.


Plastic pots are made of inert materials and are considered safe for growing plants. With the rise of demand for this product, we have increased the amount of importing.