Ceramic Pots Collection | Unique & Best

Pottery is an art that unites man and earth. Kenzine garden center offers the best and unique ceramic pot collection in Thrissur. modern pottery can be classified in two ways. There is commercial pottery or ceramics which are produced in factories, and there is studio pottery which is produced by individual craftsmen.

Many customers loved the unique collection we kept, as a result, we import only new varieties.

Some of the best Ceramic captions for instagram

  • Art you can use.
  • Feel what the Potter Feels.
  • Half Ceramics Dealer. Half Rock Star.
  • Handmade To Love.
  • Hold everything.
  • I make mud look good.
  • In touch with the earth.
  • Let’s get our hands dirty.
  • Live love pottery.
  • Made with care.
  • Molding soul into the clay.
  • Molding the Earth into art.
  • Objects of desire.
  • Own A Piece Of An Artist.
  • Peace. Love. Pottery.
  • Pot Dealer.
  • Solid, usable, unique
  • Take hold of peaceful beauty.
  • The peace of earth.
  • To have, is to hold.
  • Touch your heart.
  • Turning clay.
  • You’d smile too if you were a potter.

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